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We recognize our global responsibility to sustainability and are committed to implementing eco-friendly practices. Our commitment to reducing plastic usage is reflected in our innovation, encompassing a recyclable plastic plant and the integration of biodegradable products. To further our sustainable endeavors, we've introduced eco-friendly alternatives such as paper straws, cups, and sticks for commercial applications. Embracing paper-based sustainable initiatives, we've implemented paper cups in various food packaging items like noodles, coffee, and popcorns that is serving both local and export markets. We have also introduced paper straws for beverages, and paper sticks for lollipops, candy, ice pops, and cotton buds.

Paper Straw

Packmat started manufacturing paper straw in 2023. We have the capacity to make paper straws of different sizes as per the requirement of customer. Packmat can make U straws for different sizes of juice pack like 110ml, 125 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml and I straws in various colors and design starting length from 100 mm to 250 mm. Packmat has the capacity to make 3,45,6000 meters of straw/month

Paper Cup

One of the recent endeavors of Packmat is manufacturing paper cups which started in 2021.. It shows the responsibility and commitment to the world for a sustainable environment. A paper cup is a made of paper which is disposable. Right now, Packmat has one factory for paper cups where different sizes of paper cups are getting manufactured for noodles, coffee, soft drinks, popcorn etc. The capacity of manufacturing cups 27,360,000 pcs/month. Packmat has been exporting paper cups for noodles in different countries like Qatar, Oman, the Netherlands etc and also it has introduced noodles cups for the local market of Bangladesh.

Paper Stick

Packmat has on going development project which is paper stick. It is another goal for a sustainable environment. Paper sticks are widely being used to reduce the use of plastics and Packmat developed it for lollipops. It is also used for candy floss, ice pops, and cotton buds.